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MicroSort IUI is the least invasive gender selection method. MicroSort sperm selection allows separation of X and Y bearing cells in the sperm sample where the sorted sperm cells, in turn, are injected intra-uterine, just like in standard Artificial Insemination (IUI) cycles. Success with MicroSort IUI is lower compared to IVF methods.

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IVF with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or screening (PGD or PGS) cannot be legally used for selecting the sex of your baby unless there is a genetic reasoning behind your decision to select the sex of your baby. However, after gender selectio with MicroSort, PGD can be used to screen your embryos so that healthy embryos can be selected for embryo transfer. 

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The gender selection part of this treatment method is the "MicroSort" sperm sorting part. Once the sperm is sorted into X and Y bearing cells, the eggs to be obtained from the female partner are fertilized with the appropriate sex sperm cells. The formed embryos will be of desired sex. Further PGD testing is not used for gender selection, but to screen the embryos for chromosomal aneuploidies. 

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