Cost of MicroSort IUI

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MicroSort IUI 

   Important Tips Before MicroSort IUI

non invasive gender selection with artificial insemination

The cost of MicroSort IUI is 2,800 Euros. This is inclusive of the medical procedures as well as your scans and consults at our clinic. However, the initial tests that you need to have before your treatment, your infectious disease screening and your medication costs are not a part of this fee. Please see our "Gender Selection" section and scroll down to the bottom for more information on costs. 

MicroSort IUI for gender selection
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MicroSort IUI


Gender Selection

For increased success with fertility treatments, including artificial insemination (IUI) treatments, it is important that the female patient's ovaries are stimulated with hormone therapy so that a number of follicles reach ovulation and when the sperm is injected into the uterus, the chances of fertilizing one egg will be increased. 

Also, it is important that the male patient has an abstinence period of 3 to 5 days before providing his sperm sample for the IUI procedure. Abstinence periods less than 3 days negatively impact sperm motility while abstinence periods more than 5 days negatively affect the live sperm count in the ejaculate. Therefore, sticking to 3 to 5 days is very important prior to producing the sperm sample for IUI. 

MicroSort® is the only scientifically proven preconception method that helps to increase the chances of having a boy or a girl. MicroSort® technology separates sperm into two groups after the sort process: The sperm that produces a girl (X bearing) and sperm that produces a boy (Y bearing). X and Y bearing cells are separated based on the density of DNA bore in sperm cells. The sperm cells with an X chromosome will contain slightly more than 2.8% more of human DNA compared to its Y counterpart. Therefore, the sort mechanism will identify the higher DNA density from the lower DNA density cells and sort the sperm sample accordingly. 

One of the main advantages of the MicroSort technology is that, it offers a gender selection option for patients who are not interested in undergoing IVF treatment. MicroSort sperm sorting can be couples with the less invasive IUI option so that patients can have the option of selecting the gender of their unborn child without the additional cost of IVF procedures and without undergoing the more invasive medical treatment necessitated by IVF treatments.

MicroSort IUI works very much like standard IUI procedures where the only difference is the additional sort procedure performed on the sperm. On the female side, the treatment is a standard IUI treatment. 

Before proceeding with MicroSort IUI procedure, there are certain tests and diagnoses that will need to be performed so that we can make an assessment of the level of female fertility so that we can precisely calculate the dose of medication to be administered in order to make sure we get just the right amount of oocytes produced in the ovaries that will optimize our chances of success with the MicroSort IUI treatment. An additional testing will be needed for the male partner's sperm sample. The MicroSort procedure requires that the semen sample is within certain acceptable parameters so that a successful sort can be performed. Below is a summary of the pre-testing we require at North Cyprus IVF Centre before the MicroSort IUI procedure:

- On day 2 or 3 of the female partner's menstrual period, we ask for FSH, LH, Estradiol, Prolactin, TSH and AMH hormone tests to be done. Also, on the very same day, we ask that the female patient has a baseline ultrasound scan for an antral follicle count as well as for making sure that there are no visible problems with the uterus that can interfere with a successful pregnancy. 

- A semen analysis for the male partner is also important. MicroSort procedure requires that the male partner's sperm sample has a certain number of total motile sperm cells, regardless of the volume. This is an important criterion for the effectiveness of the MicroSort procedure. It is also important that the sperm's morphology parameters are in accordance with the WHO criteria of at least 14% normal sperm cells in the ejaculate. 

The IUI procedure requires very minimal medication for ovarian stimulation. We will want that only a few good quality oocytes reach ovulation so that we can optimize our chance of success with pregnancy. During the medication stage, we will ask that you have a couple of scans to monitor the progress of ovarian stimulation. This monitoring can be carried out locally in your home country under our guidance and supervision. That way, you are only required to come to Cyprus for 2-3 days for the actual procedure.

Approximately thirty five and a half hours before the actual IUI procedure, the female patient is given an hCG injection to prepare the eggs for fertilization. During the IUI procedure, a catheter is used to place a number of processed sperm cells directly into the uterus. The aim of this procedure is to increase the number of sperm cells that reach the fallopian tubes and therefore to increase the chances of fertilization. In a way, we help shorten the sperm's journey into the fallopian tubes. Also, with more oocytes in the fallopian tubes, the chances of pregnancy will be significantly higher compared to natural intercourse.

The MicroSort IUI procedure is the least invasive gender selection procedure. However, it should be known that this procedure is most suited for patients in their 20s or maybe early 30s with excellent ovarian reserves and above standard sperm parameters. Due to the non-invasive nature of the MicroSort IUI procedure, there is only so much that can be done by our specialists and we have to let the nature take its course for some parts, which makes this option a rather low success procedure. The overall chance of success with pregnancy is around 20-25% with this option. For patients requiring a higher chance of success or for patients in older age brackets, we strongly recommend the MicroSort IVF+PGD option.