Throughout the history of mankind, people have always been interested in selecting the sex of their unborn child for a variety of reasons. For this end, they believed in urban legends, the power of herbs and potions, the Chinese calendar and many more scientifically unproven and most often unsuccessful methods. In patriarchal cultures, having a male child is very important as patriarchal cultures place special importance on carrying their family name into the future generations and that can only be done via having a male child since women take their husbands' last name after marriage.

In Israel, it is believed that Jewish identity is established through the maternal line, so "egg" tends to be more important than the "sperm" when it comes to reproduction. In post-war Germany, death of many men during the war caused most families to try rather primitive techniques in an attempt to make sure they conceived a baby girl so that she would not need to fight during a war in the future.

Pre-Implantation genetic screening (commonly referred to as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or PGD) is a method of chromosome screening, where chromosomes are checked for abnormalities. It also allows the sex of the embryo to be visualized during this screening, but according to North Cyprus regulations, using this method for gender selection is not allowed, therefore, if there is no genetic reasoning, MicroSort is the method we use for gender selection.

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affordable gender selection abroad in Cyprus

A couple may already have a child or more than one child of a certain sex and for family balancing purposes, they may opt for gender selection so that they can complete their family. There are also medical reasons which can influence parents' decision to select the sex of their unborn baby,  for example, to avoid giving birth to children with a sex-linked genetic disorder like Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

North Cyprus is one of the few locations in the world where Gender Selection can be legally performed for family balancing purposes as well as medical purposes. As the very first fertility clinic in Northern Cyprus, North Cyprus IVF Clinic has been offering this service since 2001.

There are alternative gender selection methods, some of which require less invasive procedures where some reqire use of IVF technologies a little bit more. On our 10th year anniversary, we have added a special treatment technology to the list of services that we offer. With this new treatment alternative, North Cyprus IVF offers an alternative method for gender selection prior to conception. Now, Microsort technologies are offered as a part of our IUI or IVF treatment options as a gender selection method.

At North Cyprus Fertility Clinic (North Cyprus IVF), we offer low cost, high success Gender (sex) selection treatment by using state of the art technology in fertility treatments and a team of experts. Our services have been extended to offer genetic testing not only for gender selection, but also for miscarriage investigation and HPV testing. Browse through our website to learn more about gender selection and genetic diagnosis.

When it comes to gender selection, a few factors are very important when determining which type of treatment will be more suited to your needs. These are mainly  the age of the female patient, hormone levels to be measured at a certain time during a menstrual cycle, and thehusband's semen analysis results. The hormone profile of the female patient is most important when making an assessment of the ovarian reserve and the remaining egg quality. As age gets older, the ovarian reserves tend to diminish at a faster pace and this affects the quality of the oocytes accordingly. Therefore, if we know exactly what type of a reserve we are looking at, we can optimize the outcome of a treatment cycle by carefully identifying the type of treatment suitable for you and by precisely calculating the dose of medication to be administered. Based on assessment, the following sex selection methods can be used for selecting the sex of your baby before pregnancy:

Affordable sex selection to select the sex of baby

Gender Selection (Sex Selection)

North Cyprus IVF Center offers a number of sex selection (gender selection) methods to help couples balance their families or select the sex of their baby for genetic reasons such as x-linked diseases. In North Cyprus, using pre-implantation genetic diagnosis/screening (PGD/PGS) for sex selection is not legal, therefore, MicroSort is the method of choice for gender selection. 

Cost of sex (gender) selection depends on the type of treatment you choose to have. North Cyprus IVF Center is the only clinic in the world which can offer the combined MicroSort and PGD technologies for selecting the sex of your baby. While MicroSort sperm sorting procedure allows us to create embryos of desired sex, the pre-implantation genetic screening allows us to make sure that we only pick and transfer the healthy embryos into the uterus. This is an important part of this treatment because after 30 years of age, the rate of chromosomal abnormalities increase dramatically and by the time a patient is 40 years old, 60% of her embryos are likely to be genetically abnormal. Being able to select the healthy ones will not only improve her chances of success, but will minimize the risk of a miscarriage and the risk of having a child with genetic problems. 

The cost of our gender selection programs at North Cyprus IVF Center are as follows:

MicroSort IUI: 2,800 Euros

MicroSort IVF: 3.700 Euros

IVF+PGD (for known genetic disorders, not for family balancing: 5,000 Euros

MicroSort IVF + PGD (both for family balancing and known genetic diseases): 6,200 Euros

These costs are for your medical treatment in Cyprus. We do not charge for the ultrasound scans and consults as they are a part of your medical treatment, however, you will have some additional costs as follows:

Cost of initial testing and screening: This is usually done in your home country so that we can design your treatment protocol and you can start using your medication locally prior to your travel to Cyprus. Local testing and screening allows us to minimize the length of your stay in Cyprus down to 8/9 days. This depends on your country and whether you can get your tests under the national health system or privately, but you should expect to spend about 500 Euros for your tests and screening.

Cost of Medication: Can vary from 300 Euros to 1,500 Euros depending on the type of treatment you choose and your ovarian function/level of fertility. Younger patients with optimal ovarian function use smaller doses of medication, meaning they pay less.

Cost of Accommodation and Air fare: Air fare costs depend on where you travel from. For accommodation, we offer a number of alternatives for different budgets. Please see our "Steps Involved" section for more information. 

cost of baby gender selection

Cost of Gender Selection

Affordable PGD for male baby boy selection
Affordable PGD treatment to select the sex of baby

This treatment option helps couples choose the sex of their unborn child via MicroSort sperm sorting technologies, coupled with an IVF treatment. During the IVF treatment, the female patient's eggs are matured through medication, and are collected from the ovaries so that they can be fertilized with the sperm of desired sex. Once the embryos have been created with desired sex, they are further screened via PGD to make sure only healthy embryos are transferred to the uterus.

North Cyprus IVF Center
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Least invasive gender selection method for family balancing. MicroSort IUI is usually recommended for patients in their 20s or early 30s with optimal ovarian function and optimal sperm parameters so that we can offer a decent chance of success with this basic gender selection method. Success rates with MicroSort IUI vary greatly across different age groups, but on average, 25 to 30% is what we expect in patients with no known fertility problems.